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Roverto Devereux - Vienna State Opera


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Vienna State Opera, Premiere December 7, 2000

Roberto Devereux

A festival of the great voices

The first appearance ever at the Vienna State Opera of Donizetti's 1837 at Neapel first staged opera drama about jalousy, love and betrayal became under the musical direction of Marcello Viotti in the production of Silviu Purcarete and his designer Helmut Stürmer a outstanding success for Edita Gruberova as Queen Elizabeth I., Ramon Vargas in the title role as Roberto Devereux, Ekelejda Shkosa as Sara, Duchesse of Nottingham, and Yu Chen as Duke of Nottingham, who was covering the sick Carlos Alvarez. An extended report will follow soon.

First Impressions

Photos: Axel Zeininger

Yu Chen as Duke of Nottingham, Ramon Vargas as Roberto Devereux

Still they are friends, later also the Duke of Nottingham (Yu Chen)   wants to see Roberto Devereux' (Ramón Vargas) death.


Eilzabeth I. (Edita Gruberova) accuses Roberto Devereux (Ramón Vargas, standing on the ground floor) of betrayal. The Duke of Nottingham (Carlos Alvarez in the rehearsal) realizes that it is his wife Sara they are speaking about.

Edita Gruberova and Ekelejda Shkosa

Elizabeth I. (Edita Gruberova)  receives the ring from Sara ( Ekelejda Shkosa), but too late to save Roberto, whom she had already forgiven his love to another woman.
Text: Birgit Popp




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